DTC Dispatch #019

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March 27 @ 9am PDT

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This week in DTC Dispatch:

📱 TikTok ban: How Congress could force ByteDance to sell or push the app out of the US

👚 A pioneering bill to slow down fast fashion gets approval from French lawmakers

👗 Neiman Marcus celebrates the intersection of luxury fashion and sports through ‘Quest for the Best’ spring campaign

🧴Netflix launches an unlikely Bridgerton Beauty collaboration with Bath & Body Works

📈 Dick’s Sporting Goods posts record-breaking Q4 sales


TikTok ban: How Congress could force ByteDance to sell or push the app out of the US

The bill has successfully progressed from the House Energy and Commerce Committee to the next crucial stage, which is a full floor vote in the House. This significant advancement has been made possible due to the commendable bipartisan efforts put forth by lawmakers. However, the ultimate fate of the bill now lies in the hands of the Senate, where divergent viewpoints exist regarding the appropriate course of action to be taken with regards to TikTok. Some senators advocate for compelling the sale of the app, while others lean towards an outright ban of TikTok within the United States.

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has its headquarters in both Los Angeles and Singapore, while being under the ownership of the Chinese tech giant ByteDance. This unique arrangement has caught the attention of U.S. officials, who express concerns that the app might be exploited to advance the agenda of a potential adversary. However, critics of the proposed bill argue that the United States is unjustly singling out a beloved social network, instead of focusing on pressing domestic matters that directly contribute to the welfare of American citizens.

Our take: TikTok has taken the country by storm, and a potential ban could alter the livelihoods of businesses, brands and content creators. Influencers use TikTok as a large source of income. Businesses and brands have utilized TikTok to advertise their products and reach younger audiences. If the government decides to go through with the ban of TikTok, will all this content be shifted elsewhere? Can Instagram or Twitter pull off the same effects?

A pioneering bill to slow down fast fashion gets approval from French lawmakers

A groundbreaking bill aimed at curbing the alarming and relentless pace of the fast fashion phenomenon has achieved an extraordinary feat by garnering unanimous approval in the lower house of the French Parliament. This achievement has catapulted France into the ranks of the pioneering nations that have taken a resolute stand against the overwhelming influx of low-cost, mass-produced garments, predominantly originating from China. Undoubtedly, the fashion industry stands as one of the foremost contributors to the colossal greenhouse gas emissions plaguing our planet. In a commendable effort to combat the environmental degradation caused by this industry, France has embarked on a mission to diminish the allure and appeal of fast fashion items, thereby setting an unparalleled precedent in the global fight against this pressing issue.

This week, a momentous occasion unfolded as all lawmakers, with unwavering determination, unanimously endorsed this transformative bill, effectively granting it the green light to proceed to the Senate for further deliberation, ultimately paving the way for it to be enshrined into law.

Our take: Fast fashion has been controversial for many years, for their labor practices and also their carbon footprint. Fast fashion brands allure their consumers with cheap prices and ever-changing trends. With new legislation in place, these brands may have to rethink their business structure. As sustainability is more predominantly discussed and brought to the forefront, fast fashion may be gone for good.

Neiman Marcus celebrates the intersection of luxury fashion and sports through ‘Quest for the Best’ spring campaign

At the intersection of luxury fashion and sports, Neiman Marcus announces the launch of its spring campaign, Quest for the Best. The campaign provides expert fashion leadership to connect customers In Pursuit of the Extraordinary with one-of-a-kind activations and an all-star product assortment for the season through the lens of athletics.

The spring campaign marries extraordinary achievements and style as a platform to lead customers to discover their best looks from the retailer's highly curated product assortment. This season's featured fashion leans into the increased demand for American Sportswear with pieces from iconic brands, complemented by luxury services such as tailoring and wardrobing. Customers can leverage the retailer's 3,000+ talented selling associates for a personalized style edit, however they choose to shop across Neiman's integrated retail model.

Our take: Luxury fashion brands have to continuously think of new and niche ways to market to their consumers. Neiman Marcus’ new campaign combining luxury fashion and sports opens them up to a whole new subsection of consumers. In order to grow their brand loyalty, they will have to continue to find innovative ways to reach new customers.

Netflix launches an unlikely Bridgerton Beauty collaboration with Bath & Body Works

Netflix has joined forces with Bath & Body Works in an exciting collaboration that aims to delight customers with their beloved fragrances inspired by the immensely popular TV show Bridgerton. This thrilling partnership between the streaming giant and the renowned scent company will unveil a range of exquisite products on March 25, perfectly timed to coincide with the highly anticipated premiere of the first part of the show's third season, scheduled to grace our television screens on May 16. These captivating scents have been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the show's captivating characters, enchanting scenes, and mesmerizing motifs, evoking a strong desire within you to snuggle up on your cozy couch, ignite a beautifully scented candle, and immerse yourself in the unfolding drama that awaits.

Our take: We have seen more and more beauty and fashion brands team up with unlikely partnerships to promote their brands and products. Recently we saw a beauty brand team up with an author to launch a collab line, and here we see a TV series teaming up with another beauty/skincare brand. This collab lines up with the release of the new season of Bridgerton, which is extremely popular on Netflix. This will give Bath & Body Works good publicity and exposure.

Dick’s Sporting Goods posts record-breaking Q4 sales

U.S. retailer Dick's Sporting Goods has announced impressive financial results for the fourth quarter, which ended on February 3, 2024. The company reported total revenues of $3.876 billion, representing a remarkable 7.8% increase compared to the same period last year. This growth can be attributed to a notable 2.8% rise in comparable store sales over the 13-week period.

Dick's Sporting Goods achieved significant milestones in its full year 2023 results. The company experienced a commendable comparable store sales growth of 2.4%, primarily driven by a 1.6% increase in transactions. The company's full year earnings per diluted share stood at an impressive $12.18.

Lauren Hobart, the president and chief executive officer of Dick's Sporting Goods, expressed her satisfaction with the company's performance. She stated, "With our industry-leading assortment and strong execution, we capped off the year with an incredibly strong fourth quarter and holiday season. Even excluding the extra week, this was the largest sales quarter in the history of the Company. Additionally, during the fourth quarter, we successfully drove significant gross margin and EBT margin expansion."

These outstanding results highlight Dick's Sporting Goods' ability to thrive in a competitive market and effectively meet the demands of its customers. The company's commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality products and exceptional customer service has undoubtedly contributed to its success. As Dick's Sporting Goods continues to excel, it is poised to maintain its position as a leading retailer in the sporting goods industry.

Our take: Dick’s Sporting Goods revealed impressive financial results, given the saturation and competition in the market. A rise in store sales can be attributed to the successful financial results. Will this success continue into 2024, or will the industry see a shift in this market?

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